Book review-Who Will Tell My Brother by Marlene Carvell

Carvell’s story is based on her son’s attempt to change his school’s mascot from a  stereotypical Indian to something less offensive.   In the story, Evan, a senior in high school trying to understand who and what he is, faces opposition from classmates, school officials, & board members  as he tries to raise awareness of the offensiveness of the school’s mascot.  Evan’s battle with the school administration and fellow students continues to escalate until an horrific act changes everything.

Marlene Carvell uses free verse to tell Evan’s story; this gives each incident or emotion that Evan experiences a sense of  immediacy that is transferred to the reader.  This technique is powerful and effective as the reader is drawn into Evan’s reality as he encounters bullying, racism and increasing violence.  I would recommend this book to any age from pre-teen through adult; I was impressed at the strength of Evan’s character and his willingness to persevere against such opposition.

Audience- pre-teens through adults

Winner of the IRA 2003 Book of the Year Award

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