Just what is library?

So, the question is what is library?  Are we about books, information, community, opportunity, the Internet?  What constitutes a library?

I took a class this Spring about innovation in public libraries.  The class was taught by a husband and wife team, one an artist and the other a librarian.  With their combined backgrounds the focus of the class was about finding ways to revolutionize libraries.  We tried to practice hyper-vigilance, that is where you become acutely aware of the world around you and then try to apply  some of those concepts or ideas within a library setting.

That brings me to this video.  It is entitled Public Libraries, 3-D Printing, Fab Labs and Hacker Spaces.  I would recommend everyone take a look at it and consider how this might change the way we function in the library.  I’m not saying it is for every library but just perhaps it is what you have been looking for in yours.

Once upon a time record  albums were considered revolutionary for libraries, then computers and now e-readers. Who knows where the next innovation is coming from?  This video signal the start of the next wave in libraries, check it out.

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