Book Review- Ivy and the Meanstalk by Dawn Lairamore

Ivy is a princess whose friends include a fairy godmother Drusilla, a dragon named Elridge and a servant, Owen.  When the story begins Drusilla is getting married and the kingdom is celebrating but since this is a fantasy story it doesn’t take long for the celebration to go sour.

A former rival for Drusilla’s hand arrives, in revenge for being jilted, he causes a beanstalk to grow up to the sky taking with it the fairy’s beloved goat.  Ivy and Elridge offer to rescue her goat from the top of the beanstalk but the former rival and a vengeful giantess conspire to hold the goat hostage until their conditions are met.  Ivy, Elridge and eventually Owen are set on a quest to find and return to the giantess her husband’s goose that lays golden eggs once stolen by a certain Jack.  If the trio fail at their task the kingdom will be destroyed by the giantess.

Will they find the goose that lays the golden eggs and return it to the giant or will Ivy’s kingdom be pummeled from above by boulders?  There is plenty of action in this story that will appeal to tweens and younger readers; I can easily see both boys and girls enjoying this story.  The story is fairly light, easy reading but along the way some lessons about courage, honesty and dependability are imparted.  I have no hesitation about recommending this book to children.

Ivy and the Meanstalk by Dawn Lairamore. Holiday House, NY. 2011.

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