Autism Information

Autism Craft & Info Books

  1. 101 Games & activities for children with autism, aspergers & sensory processing disorders.  Tara Delaney, 2009, McGraw Hill, Control #782937
  2. Creative therapy for children with autism, ADD, & aspergers.  Janet Tubbs, 2007, Square One Publishers.  Control # 648113
  3. Helping children with autism become more social. Ann E. Densmore, 2007, Praeger. Control # 878725
  4. Teaching conversation to children with autism: Scripts & Script Fading.  Lynn McClannahan, 2005, Woodbine House. Control # 255195

Websites:     Website with useful ideas for developing craft programs for autistic children.   Central New York Chapter of the  Autism Society of America website Fact sheet on Autism from National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Strokes   Website for Families for Effective Autism Treatment   Website for Centers for Disease Control & Prevention  Mayo Clinic site on autism

Craft ideas:

Ed Emberley’s thumbprint  craft books

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