Book Review- Amelia Lost- The life and disappearance of Amelia Earhart by Candace Fleming

I didn’t expect to learn anything new about Amelia Earhart from this book.   I was wrong.  Fleming does a good job of making the character of Amelia Earhart accessible to readers of today.   There are plenty of anecdotes from her contemporaries that help to shine new light on a well known historical figure; the author also uses Earhart’s own words to assist in creating a fuller picture of this famous flyer.   In this day of publicity seeking celebrities it is interesting to note that Earhart’s public persona was also carefully managed by both her and her husband.   This wasn’t done to hide information but rather to enhance Earhart’s status as a pilot so she could continue to do what she loved.

After reading this book I felt I had a clearer picture of Earhart and the times she lived in.  The early 20th century was a ground breaking time for women and their changing roles in society.  Earhart was just one of many women who were challenging society’s conventions.

The way the author has divided the book adds to the story.  The book starts with the search for Earhart in the South Pacific then jumps back to her earliest days in Kansas.  This pattern continues throughout the book but it is not disconcerting.  The pages concerning the search are colored a light grey while the reminiscences on her life are on white pages.  This method works well to increase the tension and adds a bit of mystery to the story.

Age range: 4th grade on up.

Candace Fleming.  Amelia Lost- The life and disappearance of Amelia Earhart.   Schwartz Wade Books.  NY,NY.  2011.  118pp.

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