Book Review- Curveball: The year I lost my grip by Jordan Sonnenblick

The transition from 8th to 9th grade is hard enough without your whole world crumbling around you.  That is what happens to Peter during the summer before starting high school.  His future as a baseball pitcher on the high school team comes apart when an injury to his arm changes all that.  Just as he can no longer get a grip on the baseball, Peter is also losing his grip on his life.  As he struggles to find a new normal, Peter must deal with the ups and downs of high school, trying to explain his injury to his best friend and catcher and dealing with the disturbing changes occurring with his grandfather.

The story is told with gentle humor from a boy’s point of view.  Peter is not your typical jock; he has depth and a sensitivity that allows him to consider how his choices affect those around him.  His deep love for his grandfather is what helps him to finally face up to life.

I read this book around the same time as I read John Green’s The Fault in our Stars.  While both books deal with life’s inevitability and how the quality of our living is important, I found this book to be upbeat and enjoyable whereas Green’s story left me feeling depressed.

Age range: Pre-teens & teens

Curveball: The year I lost my grip.  Jordan Sonnenblick. Scholastic Press. 2012

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